Quick little post here to document how to change the default favicon used for a Reaction Commerce ~0.15 install.

Step one
Generate your favicons. I used the same service that RC used for theirs: https://realfavicongenerator.net - this service will generate multiple sizes of favicons as well as the app and "pinned" website icons for various devices and OS.

Step two
Once you've created your icons, you should be able to download a package of favicons directly.

Step three
Copy all of the files from within the favicon directory that you just downloaded to a directory within your /public directory in your Reaction Commerce install. I copied mine into /public/custom/favicon/.

Step four
Edit the /imports/plugins/included/default-theme/client/favicons.js file. You just need to change the line that defines the basePath here. In ~0.15.x it's line 8 and looks like this:

const basePath = "https://assets.reactioncommerce.com/favicon/";

Change this line to set basePath to wherever you just put your favicon files. If you put them in /public/custom/favicon/ as I did, then you would set basePath as follows:

const basePath = "/custom/favicon/";

That's it. Save and deploy your changes. Now your custom favicon should be working for your Reaction Commerce install.

Note: this post is relevant as of Reaction Commerce v0.15.x - As Reaction is improving rapidly and not yet reached 1.0 be careful with this if you're working with a later version of Reaction