Have a line of code that you need to keep the way it is even though it breaks an ESLint rule?

Maybe something like this that almost certainly breaks your line-length rules, but would be a pain to separate?

const reallyLongURI = "&stripe_user[email]=${email}&stripe_user[country]=${country}&stripe_user[phone_number]=${phoneNumber}&stripe_user[business_name]=${businessName}&stripe_user[street_address]=${streetAddress}&stripe_user[city]=${city}&stripe_user[state]=${state}&stripe_user[zip]=${zip}";

You can use the inline ESLint // eslint-disable-line rule-name comment to disable the offending line for a specific rule, or you can leave off the rule-name to disable the line for all lint errors, though I'd recommend being as specific as possible.

Using it like this will disable the max-len rule from applying to my line with a really long uri that I don't want to break up.

const reallyLongURI = `&stripe_user[email]=${email}... // eslint-disable-line max-len`

You can also use the comment // eslint-disable-next-line rule-name to disable the next line if you don't want your comment lost off the end of the line.

// eslint-disable-next-line max-len`
const reallyLongURI = `&stripe_user[email]=${email}... 

Check out the ESLint docs on this