If you work with Meteor enough, you've almost certainly been guilty of getting distracted while meteor is rebuilding, running tests, or initializing a project.

Meteor takes just long enough to restart that you've got time to get distracted. Up until now I wasn't aware of any easy ways to get a notification that meteor was ready, which meant that my 2 minute distraction sometimes turns into a 10 minute rabbit hole.

Here's how it goes for me sometimes.

> meteor restart
> meteor
> starting up....

hey I've got 45s to burn, I wonder what's happening on twitter...

45 seconds later

> => Meteor server restarted

10 minutes later

Oh, hey, Meteor's finally ready

Not sure how many times this has happened to me, but @zenweasle casually suggested on the ReactionCommerce gitter there should exist a way get an audible alert when Meteor is ready.

Turns out, if you use iTerm2 there is an easy way to get both a growl alert and an audible alert when Meteor is ready.

Setup an iterm trigger for Meteor readyness

  1. Open iTerm2 preferences
  2. Navigate to the the Profiles top section
  3. Navigate to the Advanced sub-section of the Profiles section
  4. Click the Edit button in the Triggers panel.

Add a trigger or two that use the regular expression => Meteor server restarted and have the instant checkbox checked.

I've got two triggers set up. One that posts a notification to the OSX notification panel and a growl style alert. My other trigger uses the OSX say command to give an audible alert.

|Regular Expression         | Action           |Parameters          |Instant|
|=> Meteor server restarted |Post Notification |Meteor is ready     |checked|
|=> Meteor server restarted |Run Command       |say -v Zarvox Ready |checked|

Hopefully this will help you avoid getting sucked too far down the rabbit hole when working on slower Meteor projects.