In addition to my work using Javascript at GetOutfitted I try to keep my skills fresh by taking on other projects or challenges from time to time. I've been hearing great things about Wes Bos' JavaScript30 which is 30 Javascript challenge projects in 30 days in "vanilla" JS.

I find that I can lean on certain frameworks and libraries too much sometimes. It's so easy to accomplish certain things with libs or frameworks that if pressed to write the same code without the lib, it's more difficult than it should be for me. underscore and lodash became "crutch" libs for me for a time and once I started using ES2015 I had to unlearn the practice of using lodash for everything. Turns out most of the things that I was using lodash for are available natively in ES2015. find, map, reduce, filter, etc feel better when using the Array.prototype version than having to require a lib.

With all that said, I'm going to be starting this Javascript30 challenge and hopefully I'll learn a bunch of new and better ways to accomplish some things.

I'll plan to post a short blog about each project here and you can follow my progress or even join in!