Quick project. Hadn't ever built an analog clock in JS before, now I have.

🕒 ✔

Hadn't used transform-origin before, so that was nice to learn about. Will come in handy at some point I'm sure. CSS Transforms are super easy and seem pretty powerful. It's nice to be using them during this challenge as they will feel second nature by the end of the week I'm sure.

There's a quirk when transforming a clock hand 360 degrees around a point that when you transform from 360 => 0, any animations you have run in reverse. I controlled for this by never resetting to 0 and just adding additional time on top of the actual time. (e.g. 1 second => 61 seconds => 121 seconds).

There are probably better ways to account for that, but it worked to smooth out my clock just fine and you know what they say about optimization.

Completion Time: ~30 Minutes

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You can view my clock here: https://spencern.github.io/javascript30/02-js-and-css-clock/

You can see my code here: https://github.com/spencern/javascript30/tree/master/02-js-and-css-clock