My notes from: Highlights from Pinterest Founder, Ben Silbermann’s dinner with Village Global (Medium)

  1. Celebrate the things that make your company weird, because those are the things that make you special and successful

  2. There’s a tyranny of the articulate, there’s a loose correlation between how good someone is at communicating and how good someone is at actually building

  3. Vigorous debate is a horrible way to come to any solution - vigorous debate leads to people vigorously defending what they think, as a result they are unwilling to compromise at some point because it’s a debate and the objective of a debate is to win. Most debates never get anywhere because there’s no clearly agreed upon goal.

  4. The company should be clearly aligned with the culture and mission of the company

  5. Pinterest articulated a set of values early on:
    a. Knit: Belief that if you get highly divergent perspectives you’ll yield a better answer.
    b. Put pinners first..
    c. Be authentic: the counterbalance that gives nice people permission to be direct - aspirational value.
    d. Go: Be very aware of when it’s time to analyze and when it’s time to go. Very marginal increases in certainty at the price of speed of execution.

  6. Learnings
    a. Having your health and relationships intact turns out to be really important.
    b. Longevity is a leading indicator towards success. People who burn out, don’t burn out because they run out of money, they burn out because they become socially isolated and unhealthy.
    c. Anything that’s a matter of principle, where do you want it to be unbending. What if this becomes precedent, if this becomes baseline, what will you do in the next situation.
    d. If you don’t write it down, it’s very hard to remember what you were thinking because there's this running dialogue.
    e. Be prescriptive, get better feedback. “I need help on this situation, can you recommend someone who can help?”