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Javascript30 - Day 5 - Flex Panel Gallery

Great intro to CSS Flexbox. I learned a few new tricks, such as using a nested flexbox to center content vertically. Pretty cool. A caution about listening for transitionend and toggling a class when it has ended. If the transition is interrupted or reversed such as with a double click, »

Javascript30 - Day 3 - CSS Variables

Day 3 was a nice intro to CSS variables. These will be super powerful once they are more widely adopted. Unfortunately they don't work in IE or Edge currently so we've got a bit more time until we can start using them in production. According to http://caniuse.com/#feat= »

Javascript30 - Day 2 - Clock

Quick project. Hadn't ever built an analog clock in JS before, now I have. 🕒 ✔ Hadn't used transform-origin before, so that was nice to learn about. Will come in handy at some point I'm sure. CSS Transforms are super easy and seem pretty powerful. It's nice to be using them during »