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Javascript30 - Day 11 - Custom Video Player 📺

Good project to learn about the video side of HTMLMediaElement. I found it pretty straightforward to implement all of the different controls, but I can imagine if you're newer to JS it might be a little more daunting. MDN is pretty valuable for a project like this and having that »

Javascript30 - Day 8 - Drawing on HTML5 Canvas

Interesting primer on how the HTML5 Canvas works and a good intro to the building blocks of Canvas and it's Context. This is a quick tutorial where you get to build "Paint" style features and a good jumping off point for building more complicated painting tools based HTML5 »

Javascript30 - Day 1 - Drum Machine

The challenge today was to create a javascript drum machine that takes keyboard input and plays the correct sound and animations when certain keys are pressed. This was a quick fun project where I got to play with the <audio> element and the HTMLMediaElement controls. I have not »