Talk: Crafting effective 1:1s for distributed teams
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Talk: Crafting effective 1:1s for distributed teams

Talk: Crafting effective 1:1s for distributed teams

This is a talk I gave at LeadDev Austin 2019

Slides are available on my SpeakerDeck

Creating relationships with the individual humans on your distributed team is difficult since you rarely get to see them in person! But a team is much less likely to be effective and successful without a foundation of interpersonal relationships and trust. How do you build those when you live zip codes, time zones, countries apart?

1:1 meetings - these are the backbone of a successful team. The constraints present in remote 1:1s can be frustrating, but the right approach can result in some great 1:1 habits.

This talk will give you the tools you need to craft effective 1:1s for your distributed team. You’ll learn some ground rules for remote 1:1s, which details are important to get right and which ones aren’t worth sweating about. We’ll discuss what to talk about during your 1:1s and how to use these meetings to build more trusting and productive relationships with your team.

Done right, 1:1s will be your most important meeting of the week.

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