Journal: Thoughts on interviewing

My notes from: Some Thoughts on Interviewing and Why We Do It (Jason Wong's Blog) Two things: We’re terrible at assessing potential Multi-billion dollar sports teams get this wrong in the drafts of respective leagues and they have highly paid teams who spend months and assess years of data »

Journal: Two traits of the best problem solving teams

My notes from: The Two Traits of the Best Problem Solving Teams (HBR) Psychological safety is the belief that one will not be punished or humiliated for speaking up with ideas, questions, concerns, or mistakes. Without behaviors that create and maintain a level of psychological safety in a group, people »

Journal: 10 Steps to having amazing one on ones

My notes from: 10 Steps to having amazing one on ones with your team (ebook from getlightouse) Set the right schedule - once a week ideally, never more than 1 month without meeting Set expectations Create a shared agenda, and let the employee set the agenda Get beyond the status »

I'm joining the Reaction Commerce core team!

I'm honored to announce that I'm joining the Reaction Commerce core team to help shape the future of commerce. ReactionCommerce is a modern open source commerce platform and recently released version 1.0.0. While I'll be a new addition to the core team, I've been contributing code as a »

Restore single collection from backup tar file

Download the backup file Navigate to your compose deployment "Backups" section and download the appropriate backup file. Setting up the local MongoDB instance Navigate to the location you saved your compose backup and make a new directory and then untar the backup file into that directory. »

Upgrading ghost to 0.11.4 on Digital Ocean

While upgrading Ghost from 0.7.x to 0.11.4 I ran into some problems that were causing my site to throw 502 Service Unavailable Seemed to be problems with the node installation and some of the errors that I felt were relevant didn't seem to help when googling »

Things Google Assistant Can't Do

I've just upgraded my phone to the new Google Pixel phone. I'm upgrading from the Google Note 2, so it's a little over a 4 year jump in technology for me. The phone is really fast compared to my Note 2. I've been excited about the Google Assistant coming with »

CSS Background Position as percentage or length

Until object-fit is supported in more browsers using background images is going to continue to be important part of creating responsive designs. Setting the background-position property of an element is a useful way to make sure that the important part of an image is displayed no matter what size of »

Customizing your favicon with Reaction Commerce 0.15

Quick little post here to document how to change the default favicon used for a Reaction Commerce ~0.15 install. Step one Generate your favicons. I used the same service that RC used for theirs: - this service will generate multiple sizes of favicons as well as »

Get an alert when Meteor is ready

If you work with Meteor enough, you've almost certainly been guilty of getting distracted while meteor is rebuilding, running tests, or initializing a project. Meteor takes just long enough to restart that you've got time to get distracted. Up until now I wasn't aware of any easy ways to get »