I'm joining the Reaction Commerce core team!
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I'm joining the Reaction Commerce core team!

I'm joining the Reaction Commerce core team to help shape the future of commerce.

ReactionCommerce is a modern open source commerce platform and recently released version 1.0.0.

While I'll be a new addition to the core team, I've been contributing code as a community member for a while. My first commit to Reaction was made over two years ago on Mar 6, 2015, in CoffeeScript! I've also been serving on the Reaction Code of Conduct Committee.

Let me tell you a little bit about why I'm so excited to join this team.

Reaction has a specific and welcoming Diversity Statement, and a Code of Conduct designed to make the Reaction Commerce community a safe place to be for everyone. While these documents are important, without community buy-in, they might ring a little empty. Over the last two years I've been privileged to participate in a community that is exemplary of these guidelines. The Reaction Commerce community is incredibly generous, inclusive, helpful and active.

Reaction has a published set of core values that I believe in.

Reaction believes in and is committed to open source software. I'm privileged to be in a role where I have the opportunity to devote myself to contributing to OSS and be able to give back to a community that has given me so much.

Reaction has a world class team. There is so much I'll be able to learn by working alongside such an incredible group of people.

Reaction is shaping the future of commerce. Solving some of the problems in the domain of commerce has the potential to affect more than a billion people. In 2016 in the US barely 8% of total retail was ecommerce. That number is expected to grow to at least 12% in the next 4 years, a 50% jump! Modernizing commerce is going to be an exciting, fast paced adventure for the forseeable future.

Did I mention that they have a Minimum Vacation Policy?

Oh. And they've won some awards. 🏆

Want to join us?

There are a lot of ways to get involved.

Help us build Reaction Commerce. Reaction is an open source project and welcomes new contributors! Here are some details on how to get started as a contributor.

Do you develop commerce applications for clients? We're building out our partner program for ecommerce developers and agencies.

Want to work with us? We're hiring!